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Paintings by Kathleen Steegmans For Sale
Mixed Media kunst te koop
Mixed Media Art wit resin and gold leaf
paintings by kathleen steegmans - interior
Glitter mixed media art
Mixed media art for ambitious bon vivants by Kathleen Steegmans
Glorious mess
Miss & Mister Smith - Mixed Media Artwork on wood
Slaapkamer met schilderij
Kathleen Steegmans portret
Surround yourself with art you love, and it will love you back.

I create elegant, vibrant pieces that convey the power of personal growth, self reflection, and positivity. Each piece is designed to convey movement, curiosity, and self-reflection, encouraging you to live the empowered, joyful life you are meant to live.
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Art is a powerful form of expression...
Who am I?
Paintings by Kathleen Steegmans
Mixed Media Art by Kathleen Steegmans
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