Kathleen Steegmans | Paintings, Illustrations & Mixed Media Art
Bezoek mijn open atelier op 29 Juli 2018
Mixed Media Art wit resin and gold leaf
Glitter mixed media art
Glorious mess
Tentoonstelling Antwerpen April / Mei 2018
Miss & Mister Smith - Mixed Media Artwork on wood
Dance me to the end of love illustration
Kathleen Steegmans in de studio - 2017
Do you want to make your living space more beautiful, personal and warm? Are you looking for a way to express who you are by owning a unique piece of art that is yours and only yours? That you can cherish and pass on to your children? A piece that tells a story and can open a conversation?
I paint, draw and create Mixed Media art to show you what I see, to make you feel what I feel and to learn you what I’ve been learned about personal growth, beliefs, positivity & the power of our minds.
Art is a powerful form of expression...
Who am I?
Paintings by Kathleen Steegmans
Mixed Media Art by Kathleen Steegmans
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