Last December @ietstofvzw asked me to paint 3 custom handbags for their #iambagsforchange project and of course I said yes!

If you know my work, you know that I love incorporating  ‘I Am affirmations’ in my art so this felt like a collaboration that was meant to be. 😍

The website with unique handbags from 35 Belgian artists is now online. The bags are being sold to the highest bidder during an online bidding on February 25th.

Click here to have a look at all the bags and make sure to mark February 25th in your calendar if you want one of the 105 unique artists bags.

Happy shopping!
X, Kathleen.

iambagsforchange - hand painted bag
Unique artist painted hand bags
i am bags for change - artist project
golden hand painted luxury hang bag
Unique hand painted handbag

This project was made possible by non-profit organisation ietStof to support the creative sector. Ietstof is a circular textile studio where they play with fabric by turning textile that’s already in circulation into new items.

For the IAMbagsforchange project, 35 Belgian artists where asked to create original artworks on I AM bags. They will be sold at an online auction on Thursday February 25th. More than half of the proceeds go to the artists.

Problem IAMbagsforchange wants to work on: Worldwide, no less than 40% of the productions do not reach the consumer due to overproduction. This is an enormous environmental burden. Even more crazy is that up to 90% of this overproduction is burned and only a very small part is recycled while these articles are still new. Time to stop this and put some creativity into this!

Concept: With the IAMbagsforchange concept, ietStof vzw wants to show that there are many creative ways to deal with manufactured fashion items and make ‘their lives’ as useful as possible. For the I AM bags, this goes hand in hand with a production principle: we only make new items when those already produced have been given a useful purpose. The goal is to eventually create a platform where people who have creative ideas about re-fashion can inspire each other.

By purchasing a bag you are supporting the artist, ietstof vzw and umu.Life.