What’s the difference between a dibond, plexi & canvas print?

Prints are available in:
  • Poster 30×30 cm, printed on 210 gram Fine Art Paper Premium Matte with Chromic 100 ink.
  • Canvas prints on a wooden frame with a 4cm border. These prints have a satin gloss.
  • Dibond prints with wall-mounts for easy hanging on the back on the back. Mat print, colours are a bit more subtile.
  • Plexi prints mounted on dibond. Wall-mounts for easy hanging on the back. High gloss with bright colours.

Note: Colors may vary between different monitors.

Would you like this illustration in a different colour and/or size?

Send me an e-mail and I’ll send you a preview of what the new colour looks like. If you like it and want to order it I’ll bill you an extra €50. In exchange you’ll get ‘your own original’. :)

Plexi print
DIbond print
100 days prints