Blue Mandala – Mixed Media

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A mandala is a spiritual and ritual symbol. It can be understood in two different ways: externally as a visual representation of the universe or internally as a guide for several practices that take place in many Asian traditions, including meditation. In Hinduism and Buddhism, the belief is that by entering the mandala and proceeding towards its center, you are guided through the cosmic process of transforming the universe from one of suffering into one of joy and happiness.

Benefits of mandalas in the home:

  • Brings peace and serenity to mind
  • Helps in attaining balance
  • Gives a sense of calmness.
  • Improves concentration
  • Lets your creativity flow
  • Soothes your eyes
  • Heals you as the circular design reflects wholeness in a person

This piece is perfect to hang on a small wall space, display on a (book)shelf or combine on a gallery wall with prints and other artworks.

Size with frame:

  • 35 x 35 cm – 5,5 cm diep
  • 13.77 x 13.77 inch – 2,1 inch deep
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