Pop Up Gallery Summer Antwerp

You Are Gold – A Pop Up Gallery by Kathleen Steegmans & Friends

From July 2nd until July 28th I will open a pop-up gallery @ Kloosterstraat 167 in Antwerp. In addition to my own work you can buy jewelery from Luna Lotta and see the work of a new guest artist every week.

The gallery will be open from Tuesday to Sunday, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Every Sunday afternoon the guest artist of the week will be present for a ‘Meet & Greet’.

The official opening will be on Thursday 4 July from 6 pm to 9 pm and you are invited! Let me know on Facebook if you’re interested in joining and stay informed with the the latest news.

I hope to see you there!

❤️ Kathleen.

The festive ‘You Are Gold’ pop-up by Kathleen Steegmans & friends will open its doors soon.

What if, after 40 years, you realise that your childhood dream of living the artist life is not as unattainable as you always thought? What if you realise that you can steer your life much more than you could imagine? And what if you don’t have the patience to be ‘discovered’ by a gallery and have several years of experience as an entrepreneur?

Then you just take it all into your own hands, don’t you?

And so it starts … Kathleen Steegmans, a passionate artist who is inspired by personal development, spirituality and beauty, takes up the challenge. On July 2, 2019, she will open her own pop-up gallery in the Kloosterstraat in Antwerp, her hometown. It will be a unique opportunity to see her work in a cosy setting, with explanations from Kathleen herself about her motives, ambition and sources of inspiration. Kathleen brings an ode to her parents, who ran their own photography gallery in the 80s.

“After the loss of my parents I realised that I had to take my life into my own hands if I didn’t want to regret it later on. After a lot of self-reflection, it turned out that I wanted to do what my parents had already done before, show art of myself and others in a gallery. It is no coincidence that the opening will take place on my mother’s birthday.”

For this exhibition Kathleen made a series of paintings in which her trademark (blue – gold – femininity) and positive affirmations take the central stage. But that’s not all. Kathleen has a strong belief in sharing, which is why she reserves part of her gallery for her creative friends: LunaLotta shows her unique jewelery creations, Tim Michielsen (Kathleen’s life partner) seizes the opportunity to show his new sculpture project, Stéphanie Maillart presents her paintings, Kristof Hannes introduces you to his dadaist artworks and Sige Nagels presents her abstract paintings.

More than a high society red carpet event, Kathleen wants to throw party. That too is part of who she is and what she stands for: sharing, enjoying life, positive vibes and doing what you love.

“When my mother was ill, she told me that she liked my work very much, but that she regretted that it often seemed so sad. She asked me why I didn’t make more ‘positive’ work, but I couldn’t imagine that at the time. I was a believer of the statement ‘what’s bad for the heart, is good for the art’. Thanks to the process I went through, I can now make positive work. Where I used to paint to process personal feelings, I now want to inspire others to live their most beautiful lives.”

More than just showing her work, Kathleen wants to positively motivate visitors to self-refect and take time for what they really want in life. To see what is possible if we dare to choose our dreams.

Pop-up Gallery, Kloosterstraat 167, Antwerpen