‘Sea Of Thoughts’ is for sale through an online auction organized by BE-lief vzw, a non-profit organization that supports research into multiple myeloma also known as Kahler’s disease. Still incurable now, but there is hope*.

Be-lief found over 20 artists that donated original artwork and you can help by bidding. Place your bid before Sunday, September 26th, 6 pm CET on www.beliefveiling.be

The bidding for this framed 30×40 cm layered original artwork with epoxy resin starts at € 300. A unique chance to buy a one-of-a-kind artwork at an affordable price.

Want to see the artwork(s) in real life before bidding?

You can visit the auction expo on Thursday 23/9 and Friday 24/9 from 18u-21u,

Saturday 25/9 and Sunday 26/9 from 13u-18u.

Place to be: Honoloeloe Art Space, Kloosterstraat 152, 2000 Antwerp

*All of the proceeds go to the research of Prof. Dr. Seba Anguille, affiliated with the UZA, Belgium.

Kunst veiling Be-lief vzw