Let’s get this party started! :)

After a successful try-out this August, I’m preparing the official launch of De Kunstacademie 2.0, an online course to inspire other Dutch-speaking artists to follow their dreams. I’ll share what I’ve learned on my path to becoming a working artist, so others know what options are available.

In the weeks between creating the try-out and today, I feel like a lot has changed, so I’ll re-record all videos and re-structure the course to create a better flow.

Below you’ll find a screenshot of the try-out program. Adding it here to see the progress over time since I feel like I’ll keep working on this program while I learn and try new things. #exciting :D

Check www.dekunstacademie.com for details and registration!

With love,

De kunstacademie - Kunstenaar cursus
Online cursus voor kunstenaars