Back in 2008, my mom gave me the book ‘The Secret’ which opened my mind to everything that’s possible when we use our imagination. In the years after this I read all kinds of books on the subject but although I knew the theory, I didn’t really understand how to implement this knowledge in my own life.

Fast forward to October 2018 when Jesse Elder popped up on my radar. I entered his ’21 day Upgrade Your Life Challenge’ and was impressed by the way he taught us to implement these theories in our daily lives. After this challenge I became a member of the Legacy Group, each week Jesse told us more about how to change our lives and feel more connected to our dreams. I could feel my life changing and become better and better so in September 2019 I upgrade to his Ultimate Mind program. At that moment I couldn’t image going to a live training in the US but when the offer was made a few months later I just couldn’t resist and booked a flight to LA, one of the best decisions I made in 2019. It was such a joy to meet my fellow Ultimates in this amazing villa high on the Hollywood Hills.

Amazing things happen when you take a chance, believe in yourself, and follow your heart.

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