Hans op de beek Collectors house

This is the first post in my inspiration series. Each Sunday I’ll make a post about somebody or something that inspires me.

For this first ‘episode’, I would like to introduce you to Hans Op de Beeck.

Hans Op de Beeck is a Belgian multimedia artist, dramatist, composer, theatre and opera director (* 1969) and creates large installations, sculptures, films, drawings, paintings, photographs and texts.  He tells stories between the lines, without a beginning or end, often amazing, mostly melancholic, always striking.

I absolutely LOVE (yes, capitals! :)) his work and the variation in used mediums while always holding on to his very unique style. He is a master with light and creates work that let’s you step into another world, a magical, strangely perfect world, where it seems that time stood still…

On the one hand Hans Op de Beeck’s curiously defamiliarized places and situations emerge from the direct experience of everyday life. On the other hand they are literally out of the ordinary in their precise deployment of light, suggestive decorative details and magical music soundtracks.

How can you not love that? ;)

X, Kathleen.

Picture credits: Studio Hans Op de Beeck