In the beginning of the year I had big plans, I wanted to create a series of new paintings. I started with three paintings and then got the worst news one can get. My dad, who lived in Spain, was diagnosed with cancer. I lost my mother in 2010 to the same terrible disease so of course I was chocked when I got this news.

My dad moved to Spain in 2013 so the first part of 2015 we went to Spain a lot. Although I was confident that he would conquer this disease, I wanted to see him as much as possible. Looking back I’m very happy we did this because on June 18th my dad lost his fight. I’m thankful for the time we had together but wished it could have lasted longer.

Since both of my parents had to leave our planet too young, my dad was 64, my mom 60, I’m feeling a certain pressure and I’m now more determined then ever to pursue my old dream of painting and making a living from this.

With this new mindset, and all the new things I’ve learned this year, I feel a lot will change in 2016.

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