Expo / Open Studio October 2017


Okay! After looking at the options for renting a space in Antwerp to have my exhibition I’ve decided not to rent a space.

Instead I’m inviting you to the place where I (& Tim) live and work: MIST images & design.

I’ll be showing new & older paintings & illustrations and you’ll be able to see where I work. On Friday Isle of the Sky will be performing while we taste some deliciousness by Derrick & drink a glass of wine or prosecco thanks to Brasserie fratelli.   

On Saturday & Sunday there will be cake, coffee & tea!   

Please let me know if you can make it on the Facebook event page or by mail so I know what to expect. (more or less?)

Looking very much forward to see you there!

X, Kathleen.


Hours: Friday from 18h until …
Saturday & Sunday from 14h until 19h.


… and now I’ld better go and paint some more because there’s lots of things I want to show you that are still in my head instead of on a canvas.


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EXPO 11, 12 & 13 November


It’s been since our expo in 2010 that I’ve last showed new work so I decided it was about time to come out again. ;)

I am happy to invite you to a 3 day expo in collaboration with Tim Michielsen, Marieke Ederveen & Hilde Goossenaerts.

I’ll be showing prints from the 100 day project and paintings.

Hello illustration

Tim Michielsen | 3D illustrations
Marieke Ederveen | Photography
Hilde Goossenaerts | Paintings

friday 11/11 –  18u / …
saturday 12/11 – 14u / 20u
sunday 13/11 – 14u / 18u

De mostaardfabriek
Everaertsstraat 69
2000 Antwerp

Thanks to Duvel Moortgat & Vinovatie!

We hope to see you there!

More info > facebook.com/events/expocontrast

Expo contrast - antwerpen
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Started MIST


On April 1st, 2011 my partner Tim Michielsen and I started MIST, a creative agency.

MIST Creative Agency helps you shine a light on your business. From concept to creation we offer you inspiration and expertise across graphic design, photography, video, illustration and animation. We can design once-off pieces or we can put all our skills together with a total branding concept to roll out across media channels.

• Graphic Design & Webdesign
• Photography & Video
• 3D Visualizations & animations

More info: mistimages.be

MIST logo



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Expo Bar Jeudi


In the summer of 2008 & 2009 I was invited by DJ Prinz to show my work at Bar Jeudi. A weekly summer evening with art, food, games & music @ Café Capital in Antwerp.

I was supposed to show my work again in the summer of 2010 but there was a fire a few nights before our expo night. My favourite place to dance in Antwerp, gone forever… Since everything was ready for the expo we changed location to Edegem.

Bar Jeudi @ Café Capital
Bar Jeudi @ Café Capital
Bar Jeudi @ Café Capital
Flyer Bar Jeudi @ Capital
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Artwork for Silver Junkie


From 2004 until 2012 I created artwork, illustrations & photography for the Belgian band Silver Junkie.

Artwork was used for websites & posters, background projections, cd covers and more…

Projecties SilverJunkie
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