Are you looking for an artwork with a personal touch?

  • Would you like to enhance your living space with a portrait of yourself or a loved one?
  • Can’t quite find the perfect piece for your bedroom or hallway?
  • Do you want your favourite quote incorporated in an artwork?
  • Would you love to have an artwork of your favourite singer or a role model?
  • Or maybe one of my artworks has caught your eye, but it’s not quite the right size or colour?

Artwork commissions can help you solve these problems! :) 

How do artwork commissions work?

  • Contact me to set a date in which we can meet in real life (for clients living in or around Antwerp) or on a video call.

  • During our call or meeting we’ll talk about what you want. What’s the subject, do you have a picture you want to use or do you want me to look for an image, what size do you want (I can help you decide on the perfect size based on pictures of your interior), what colours, …
    You don’t need to have a set idea yet, I’m happy to help you visualise your ideas.

  • After our call, I’ll send you a detailed custom offer with all the details of the commission as we discussed. This will include the artwork price, shipping price, a timeline, the artwork size, and copyright agreements.

  • At this point you decide whether to accept or turn down the offer. If you don’t agree we’ll stop our communication and you don’t owe me anything. If you agree I’ll send you an invoice for 70% of the total price. Since this artwork will be very personal this amount is non-refundable.

  • After I received your payment I’ll start with making drawings which I’ll send to you via e-mail.

  • After agreeing on the drawing to use, I’ll start creating the artwork. Since I’m working in layers you’ll have to trust me from this point on since the end result can only be seen when the artwork is completely finished.

  • For Belgian & Dutch clients: when the artwork is ready I’ll contact you to set a date on which I’ll personally deliver the artwork. My partner can come along to install the piece if you want.

    For international clients: I’ll provide you with a track & trace link when the artwork is handed off to the shipment company.

  • After receiving the artwork you’ll get an invoice for the remaining 30% of the artwork price. This invoice must be payed within 7 days.

  • You’ll enjoy your artwork for many years to come!

Stages of a portrait commission.

The picture chosen for the artwork

The first drawing as a base for the artwork

Photoshop mock-up for size and general look & feel

Final commissioned artwork

Some things that are good to know about artwork commissions.

  • All commissions will be executed in my style. If you’re looking for a classic painting or a wild abstract, please look for another artist.

  • It takes time to create a good artwork. Depending on the details and layers, keep 3 to 4 weeks creating time in account.

  • Don’t wait too long if you want to order a commission for a special occasion. I’ll take on a maximum of 3 commissioned artworks a month so I’ll have enough time to work on building my collections.

  • Prices start at €1.795 for a 40×40 cm artwork and increase when the size increases.

  • The maximum size of a mixed media artwork is 100×70 cm. If you have a larger wall space to fill I’ll suggest a combination of multiple artworks.

  • Owning something that no-one else has is an exciting thing! Hit the contact button if you are interested!