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Do you want to make your living space more beautiful, personal and warm? Are you looking for a way to express who you are by owning a unique piece of art that is yours and only yours? That you can cherish and pass on to your children? A piece that tells a story and can open a conversation?

As a child, I was drawn to the beautiful, mysterious and sometimes shocking images I saw in my parents’ photo gallery. My fascination for the power of images was born so it was no surprise that I chose the path of visual art as a 16-year-old.

In June 1998, I graduated as a Master of Visual Art, but until some time ago I never thought it would be possible to make a living as an artist. For twenty years I tried to do what was expected of me, or at least, what I thought was expected of me. For a number of years, I worked as an employee in different functions & companies. Until 2011 when I started a creative agency with a focus on images for B2B clients, MIST, together with my partner.

Wow! I was able to set my own agenda and work with the people I wanted to work with on projects I chose myself. A dream come true! MIST is growing and, although I love working for clients, with it my desire to make things that are all mine. Creations without compromises. 

I’m now doing what I unconsciously always wanted to do but didn’t dare to admit to myself. I paint, draw and experiment with different materials to show you what I see, to make you feel what I feel and to learn you what I’ve learned. This results in figurative paintings, mixed media art and prints in which people take a central place.

Now that I’ve returned to this path, I hope to inspire others to do the same. To choose what makes them happier than happy. Too live the life they love & love the life they live. This by setting an example and by the themes in my work that tell stories about personal growth, beliefs, positivity & the power of our minds.

I feel a need to do this because ‘the little hippie in me’* is convinced that this can make the world a better & more beautiful place. Literally and figuratively.

*the one that cries happy tears when listening to ‘Imagine’ by John Lennon & Yoko Ono. The other one loves partying in a nightclub on Ibiza until sunrise. ;)

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