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Hello & welcome,

I’m Kathleen & love to observe the world around me to see how we relate to each other & how we understand each other & our selves. This reflects in my work which focusses on ideas of identity, existence & the power of our minds. Using a multitude of mediums and materials I create illustrations and paintings in which people take a central place.

With my work I want to come closer to my true self and evoke self reflection in others because I believe the world will be a better place when we can all be who we really want to be.

I currently live and work in Antwerp where my partner and I run a creative agency called MIST.

If you like what you see I invite you to follow me on Instagram & Facebook or support me by buying a print in my webshop. :)

Have a nice day or night!
X, Kathleen

Kathleen Steegmans, Atelier Maart 2017


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+32 (0)476 82 21 91

BTW BE 0835.431.603

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