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Kathleen Steegmans, Atelier Maart 2017It was 1998 when Kathleen Steegmans graduated as a Master in Fine Arts, Mixed Media in Hasselt, Belgium. The first thing she thought was, ‘and now what’? She could’t imagine making a living as an artist was a possibility so she felt she needed to get ‘a real job’.

In the following years she did lots of different things until she founded a Creative Agency, MIST, together with her partner in 2011. They offered a wide variety of design services and where convinced they where as close to their ‘dream job’ as could be.

Fast forward to the end of 2015 when MIST became more & more busy but less & less satisfying… In January 2016 Kathleen and Tim started a business coaching program which totally changed the way they looked at their agency. Suddenly they saw possibilities they never saw before. MIST transformed into a company with less services but greater satisfaction.

By doing this it became clear to Kathleen that she could also make a living selling her personal work. By using all the marketing tools she’d learned about in the last 2 years this suddenly became a possibility. Finally, for the first time she feels she can combine everything she learned over the past 20 years to do what she really most loves to do. Painting and drawing.

Kathleen loves to observe the world around her to see how people relate to each other and how they understand each other & themselves. This reflects in her work which focusses on ideas of identity, existence, self-developement & the power of our minds.

Using a multitude of mediums and materials she creates illustrations, paintings & Mixed Media pieces in which people take a central place. With her work she wants to come closer to her true self and evoke self reflection in others, because she believe the world will be a better place when we can all be who we really want to be.

At the moment her style can be called eclectic with a pop-art & moody side to it. This is a result of creating a fairly small body of work over the last 20 years which are mainly results of experimenting with materials and styles. Her aim is to work in a more consistent style over the course of 2018.

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